Liv Blair
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Is Coachella worth it?

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It's like with Harry Styles, people pay, like $300 for the tickets, and then a Coachella ticket is two times as much, but then you get to see so many other artists. So I was just curious on if you guys think it's worth it for us going to school in California. It's just so cool to be so close to it
Taylor J
@Taylor · 4:22

It has gone wayyyyyyyyyy downhill.

It's like a food and wine Fest as well. Super lowkey compared to Coachella but just as famous axe playing I went up to aftershock festival in Sacramento, big metal festival. You'd imagine it would be totally insane way crazier than Coachella. No, it wasn't. It was way more relaxing, way nicer. I managed my time better
grace pouri
@gracepouri · 1:30
So for Coachella, I've been once and I was my junior year of high school. So like 2018, I think, and I have a ticket to go this year weekend one because I've had it since like before COVID, so just like kind of went over. And I love it. It's a lot when you're going, you are doing a lot that weekend. It's a lot of effort, but it's super fun, especially if you're with the right people
Sasha Runyen
@sasharunyen20 · 1:35

I think it’s worth it!

And just by being at a music festival and hearing a couple of songs and being like, oh, I really actually like this person. So yeah, I think they can be super fun and also definitely not the reason to go, but I feel like the dressing up and outfits and all that makes it super fun too. So Yeah
Liv Blair
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Hi. Thank you so much for responding. That is so cool. Okay, so I've actually never heard of stage coach, so I looked it up. That sounds so cool. And I'm not a big country music fan. I saw that was like a lot of the line up, but if Casey Musgraves, like, Orgle Peck was playing, I'd still be there. But thank you for sharing your experience. I think that is it
Liv Blair
@livblair · 1:06
Taylor, I really appreciate you giving me just the full rundown and you're just like straight out opinion. I appreciate that so much. It's just been something that I've never been to before. And coming the East Coast, it's so weird because I went shopping for clothes for it and my mom forever 21 and they have Coachella stuff and I'm like it's in Pennsylvania. It's just so weird how much of a phenomenon it's become. But yeah, I don't know
Emma Meyer
@emmameyer · 1:04
Okay. So over the summer, my mom actually randomly got me a ticket for Coachella, so I never thought I would actually go and didn't really think much about it. Like, obviously I always hear about looks amazing, but not that many people from my my area go. So she got me a ticket, and now I'm literally so excited to go because that set list is amazing. I feel like the tickets is like a bundle
Cassidy Waterson
@cassidywat · 1:33
I personally think it's worth it especially since we're so close in Santa Barbara and I think it will be a lot of fun. But yeah, kind of like Taylor said it does get very crowded and the crowd crushes are definitely a thing, especially at stages with more intense music. I guess because I know when I watch like Taylor Paula One year at Coachella my experience was very different from when I went to Lil Uzi
Cassandra Franco
@Cass_franco · 1:53

Its 50/50

Personally, I don't think music festivals are really worth it just because I know for me I'm short. So going into a crowd of people to try and see a band, that's going to be tough for me to see. And also it's a lot it's a lot of people, it's a lot of walking. I would much rather go to a concert of one artist and be in an arena or something. But I totally get the hype around festivals
Caitlin Jensen
@Cait.Jensen · 0:58
I actually think that this is really helpful because I myself have never been to Coachella. So it's really great to hear all the different opinions on not only Coachella but also like Stagecoach and information about that. Not super big on country music