Liv Blair
@livblair · 1:56

Film Thursdays: Based on a true story

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It's just kind of like you can put that on there if you basically based it off like a real life event. And I think for me personally, whenever I see that, I'm more inclined to watch something because I think it's cool because it teaches you about a moment in history, especially like the horror movies are based off a true story
Cassidy Waterson
@cassidywat · 1:06
Hey Liv. So yeah, whenever I see it's based on a true story it definitely makes me want to watch it so much more. I feel like I personally get super emotionally involved with movies. So when it's based on a true story it just feels much more real to watch the movie be then when I know it's fake. Not true
Krishna Telang
@Krishnaroxs · 0:50
Hey, thank you so much for sharing your views. And I guess they had the based on true story title because they wanted to make it more believable. You know, like if I'm watching Star Wars and it's based on true on true events, you're like, what are you high on math or something?
Liv Blair
@livblair · 0:37
Rather than just reading a news article or just reading about something when you actually put like pictures and real people and emotions into the situation