Miles to go before I sleep... | 5 Minutes of Authenticity with Pritha

When they think about their rights, about their responsibilities, about parenting, about motherhood, or the lack thereof, their emotions are the same. When they decide to stay home to take care of a child, or decide to take on the executive role in an organization, they think the same thoughts. They have very similar dreams. They may look different and sound different

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So while I agree with a lot of what you said all of the times that the words the same about how the same we are didn't resonate with me quite as well. But I think that what you're talking about, and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, is that each one of our spirits inside has an everlasting strength that we can pull out and use it any given moment. And women, especially with the complexities of raising a family and supposing to do that 100% right
Pritha Lal
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So yeah, the same is probably not the correct usage, but if I were to dig deeper, and like you said, looking at their spirit, looking at how they surmount everything, what prompted this was interesting, was I was doing a group life coaching session and we were doing a session on self compassion and there were people from various walks of life and various parts of the world who reacted verbatim the same to this concept, which is what prompted the thought at how much, despite our external differences, at a deep core level, we think similarly


In that regard, when someone's feelings get hurt, they get hurt, even the ones that have egos and try not to show that they're impacted. So in that regard, absolutely, you are correct. But thank you for getting back with me, because that actually shown some light for me on looking a little bit deeper from where you were coming from. So thank you so much, Breida. You have a wonderful day