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The best things in life are (not) free... | 5 minutes of Authenticity with Pritha

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It is much more than you can quantify, which is why it's priceless. A freebie is often also associated with something that you don't deserve or you cannot earn. You just have been lucky. A freebie is something that is spontaneous happenstance, whatever. The best things in life, if you think back, aren't always a matter of luck. There is an inordinate amount of blessings that you have received at that moment by receiving that wonderful best thing that happened

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Lolita Eaddy
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You. I love the way you think. You appreciate things, the little things. I see the best things in life are free and never lose sight of that. So look around you. Wherever you see friendship, kisses, trust, a peace of mind, loyalty, there is your treasures. Breathing, hugs, smiles, love, laughter and good memories are the best things in life. And all these special things are free
Ty Dobbs
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Hey Pritha, of course I have to tag in on this one. I love your connection between free and priceless. And the explanation. Different. Very different. And yeah, I think the intention, the weight of the value is significantly different in context to both of those. But I think that there's so much beauty to experience and you spoke to a lot of it. It's awesome to see you posting a lot more on here
Maurice Lekea
@malekea · 1:01
They have a value. It's just up to you to figure out the value of the thing that you seemingly think that they are free, the best thing in life. They are not totally free. They have their price. They have their value. So thank you for this conversation. I agree with you on that
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