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Travel Stories - 5 Minutes of Authenticity with Pritha

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He sang quesarasara in Spanish, and she took that in. And then the older gentleman kind of put his hand on her head and blessed her, and it was the most beautiful thing. So there is never any end of unexpected experiences that happen when we travel, because human beings are so incredible. The last one I remember is of a russian housekeeping lady in our hotel in Amsterdam. And we were talking about the Ukraine stuff at that time a lot. And she stopped by

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At least lots of travels in my life as well, but it's kind of hard to just recall on some of the most beautiful moments. But you did so really well here. I was curious. I heard you say something that you live in Utah. Is that current? And you were saying that you were in southern Utah during the pandemic. I live in southern Utah, so I'm very curious. Do you come around this area often and. Yeah, it's pretty cool. Small world
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How wonderful is that. Anybody who loves southern Utah is a friend. My husband, my daughter and I, we go down quite often during the summer, especially for two things. One for the Shakespeare festival in Cedar City and then the chuacan amphitheater plays in St. George. And also earlier we used to go down because my daughter is a dancer, but she used to compete then and she's twelve now. She used to compete when she was younger and so we would go to St
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