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This moment is temporary - 5 Minutes of Authenticity with Pritha

And so a truly spiritual person is someone who is never truly out of this world with immense joy and completely shattered with immense sorrow, because they have realized that the moment is indeed temporary. As much as the joyful moments can last forever, the sadness will not last forever. The sad moments won't either. And so, on a Monday morning, this was a wonderful reminder with these real life examples to me for a few things

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Blair Redmond
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I choose happy and that happiness might be temporary, but maybe the happiness is taking me away from another emotion that was temporary, but I definitely needed the reminder, so I reswelled this. More and more people need this message because sadness and negative emotions for me and I know for a lot of people seem to last a lot longer than the joyous ones do. And sometimes when you are in your emotional well is overflowing. It's really hard to remember that that's temporary and this too shall pass
Maurice Lekea
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It's a healing if you do not practice that mindfulness to know that whatever happened, it has not happened yet. But whatever will happen, I'm ready. I chose to be happy. If you keep on doing that, that becomes a part of you. That becomes you. And any challenge that comes your way, you always get through and people will be surprised. How do you do to deal with this and still stay standing?
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Pritha Lal
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You could start off even through winters, especially during when the seasons change. We have multiple versions of spring, winter, summer on a given day. And if nature can be so temporary, if you will, just to use that word, obviously she's trying to teach us something, and we go through the day, right. We just don't stop and sit in the house and say, okay, I'm not going to step out because it's going to snow
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Hi, Prita. You are very welcome. And thank you for a very nice comment. I appreciate that. Malekea. It's simply a contraction between Maurice and Lekea. So I made it my usual name by taking the two first letters of Maurice, which is my first name, and Lekea is my last name. So I'm making Malekea. It's my usual name. So you can call me Maurice or you can call me Lekea. It's okay. Thank you. You did pronounce well