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Michael Jordan’s Winning Formula- It’s all mental!

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Like rappers usually do they take a certain kind of incident that's happened in their childhood and then they stretch it and turn it into like a big hyperbole and rap about it and make it larger than what it is, but it comes off and that's what kind of motivates and feeds their need to succeed and perform. So how do we do that?

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His teammates knew that he can be an asshole. He victimized not only his opponents but also the teammates with severe mind crippling thresholds competitiveness that many searching for the soul and being the gospel. How it all this makes the question why are we willing to raise our business? Is there a way to have it all? I believe there is. There are still sacrifices that will be always needed. You're chasing a successful carrier. Are you willing to pay the price of hard work?
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These insecurities are no doubt a potent fuel for success. But the real engine behind success is the internal hunger for it. Successful people are hungry for success and demand success of themselves while the rest of the world goes about documenting their story and analyzing it. A few months back, I had the privilege of attending a workshop by Swastik Nanda Kumar, one of India's leading performance coach. And in the workshop he gave a demo on how emotionally charged, incantations or affirmations can help us create this hunger internally
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