Our Zombie Comic Book That Has a Dog As the Main Character

And I've always wondered, how do dogs feel during a zombie apocalypse? Like, how would a dog feel if it just watched its owner get mauled by a zombie? How would it go on? So for Brooklyn Bleeds, that's exactly what we did. We put an awesome Chow Chow dog front and center as the main character and forced him to deal with the type of trauma that any human would have to deal with during a zombie apocalypse

Why our zombie book, Brookyln Bleeds is special. #zombie #zombies #horror #halloween #zombieapocalypse #thewalkingdead

Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 1:53
And one, I forgot, there was a monologue of the Empire State Building and what they thought of what was happening. So it was like, in the perspective of a building. I totally forgot about that. Thought I would share that
Patrick Hickey Jr.
@LegacyComix · 0:15


That is so freaking cool. Like, I totally have to get my hands on this play. Like, is there any place that I could, like, read it? I would totally love to check it out. I'm always down to read. And thank you for sharing your thoughts. You're welcome