Ava K
@Learningtobeme · 3:38

Thinking "Power of Mind"

On that note, this is not gender specific. It's for anybody and everybody. It's just the power of our mind, the thoughts that we put into ourselves every day when we get up, that helps us to grow or not grow. It is all in your head. So basically, thinking the thoughts that we are dealing with every day helps a lot into reaching to our goals. So always make sure that you are thinking on positive notes

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:22
Yeah. I love how simple that is. But how true it is. If you think it, you can. And I think also if it's really in your heart, then it's something you're meant to listen to. I think those true are just, those two are just very true statements and important when you're on your path of. Yeah. Chasing something that you, that you want. Thank you for sharing
Ava K
@Learningtobeme · 0:41


Thank you Ro for adding such a valuable point to this poem. Yes, thinking is very vital and thought process is moreover like the rope. So wherever you are actually trying to, you know, throw that rope, but where exactly it needs to go is where the heart comes into you. People should always learn to listen to their heart. That's the innermost knowing and then followed by the strong thinking of that. Yes, you can. So yeah, I really appreciate you adding the points