Hi friends. Myself Lavania. I listen one interesting video in YouTube that is very interesting to me. Because interesting video means we are all thinking that she's explained something like movie Rs, something else. But I am explaining now in is how to control our mind. I listened this on YouTube. She is devotee of Hari Krishna. She's explaining very simple and easy way and explained that she told in that video that she went to one college. She went to one college

How to control our mind.the only solution I have in this audio.hope you like it # # #my self Lavanya # #lavanya!lavi**controll your mind ☺️¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠

Avneet .
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And, yes, I do believe our mind has these two controls, the mind and intelligence. Of course. It's like it'll remind me of that thing. A good angel, a bad angel once tell you to go out there, do the good thing, and the other one is just sabotaging you. So, yeah, that's pretty much how our mind works. We can do the right thing or we can be distracted
Muna Bhai
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Hi, Avneet. I'm Lavania. First of all, thank you for your words, and thank you for responding my spell. Your English are very good, and I really understood very well. And your speaking is really impressing me. And you are responding very positivity, and you are speaking like a native speaker. Thank you