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Teachers are responsible for teaching us to write and code, and I reckon they are the most important role America has seen, second to parents and very close to soldiers. Buffalo girl Kelly Gamacho, Sunni and public school grad, a proud Puerto Rican knows teachers. She's the daughter of one under 30, full of motivation and life, she currently lends her energy to NICET, New York state United Teachers per their website, NICET is a federation of more than 1200 local unions, each representing its own members

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Wow. I'm so excited to hear this. This is such a great intro. And, yeah, I mean, she sounds amazing, so I'm very excited to hear what she has to say. Thank you for bringing it on here on swell and sharing it here. I really appreciate it
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Thank you so much for your comment. I am so excited to share the rest of Kelly's feature. I'm gonna try to get her to come to swell and have a live interview. I'm a writer. This is column 51 for me, and when I first started writing, I wasn't really confident about my ability or about what I was bringing to the table. So, so excited to be here on swell