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Cassandra Bocanegra Ponce- #latinaherstory June 2023

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Enter films like from here debuting on the World channel American Reframe Strand on PBS, June 1 at 08:00 p.m Eastern. Director Christina Wallace and feature Talia Mattos are people to watch, just like my Latina herstery. Cassandra is how do we teach our children and the adults around us empathy. How do we teach our children to lead? We will be talking about it all month with Cassie, who is not yet a mom, but is a proud big sister

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Truly, truly, truly honorable work. And I think that Swell is very lucky to have you here. So I am tuning in and looking forward to more you bring us in the future here in this community. I think you definitely have a career or a future in just the whole interview aspect of kind of journalism. It feels very, just natural to you, and I think that that's worth mentioning