LaRita Ferguson
@LaritaMotivates · 1:23

Poitive Vibes Monday

Good morning, everyone. Loretta here. Just wanted to say happy Monday. It's the beginning of the week. Time to reset, reshift and refocus your thoughts. Ideas is planned. Your mindset try to be positive today. Whatever it is that you may be experiencing or going through. I know that it sometimes gets tough in life, but like I said, I'm always going to inspire, encourage and motivate and empower. So this message goes out to everyone on this Monday morning

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Eluchianna Olive
@Luchianna · 4:11
It is important for people like yourself and me to be that voice of reason and to say, hey, things will get better. Let's start work week, school week, with positive reinforcements of affirmations that this too shall pass. Thank you
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 1:02
Some moments of the day and some days are better than others. But I'm off on the right track today. And what keeps me going is being present and being grateful and being positive because everything always works out and has divine timing. And so I thank you, God. I thank you, universe, that this issue is already solved
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