LaRita Ferguson
@LaritaMotivatesĀ Ā·Ā 4:37

What does Peace look like to you?

These things are very important, and I believe that this guide will be very helpful because there's a lot of people out here that are struggling with holding on to things, not able to let them go. Just running around in a circle and confusion, not knowing how to love themselves. More yourself. Love your self worth. Value yourself more. Respect yourself. So I hope that this message helps someone today

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Ro Jordan-LeBlanc
@Lady_RoLV54Ā Ā·Ā 1:07

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Before I let anybody interrupt my piece, I'll cut you off because my cutoff game, I don't play with it. Seriously. I hope that answers your question. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day. Peace
Isabella Croston
@isabellaaĀ Ā·Ā 0:23
To me, peace just looks like not worrying about anybody else or what they're doing, what they're thinking, and just, like, staying focused on myself and worrying about me being okay with that and not seeking out to figure out what anyone else is doing for me. I feel like that is peace
@WarPig73Ā Ā·Ā 1:20
Because even our thoughts could be disruptive in our peace. I just picture myself sitting in a dark room with just a little bit of ambience of light. And it'd be slightly colder to where I can just focus on my breath coming into the light and evaporate from the light. That's what peace looks like to me. Thanks for this opportunity to respond and really think about what peace looks like to me. This is what PS three saying stay savage about protecting your peace and joy