Moving away from family for family

Initially I resisted but then one fine day I had to take a decision to move out from my local city. And you can say position me muje chote joki mary share say Baraso kilometer dude since Mary five chop karthi or mary parents father retired and mother was always a housemaker. Not was always but yes now she's a housemaker

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Kavya .
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Hello, Lakshya. Welcome to swell. I'm Kavya from the Swell team and we are thrilled to have you join our vibrant community. And talking about moving away from the family, it's really a very difficult task because moving away from where we have a very comfort zone and where we have born and brought up and we have a comfort zone there. So moving from there in search of job or for educational purpose, it's really very difficult to adapt in different surroundings. It's really a challenge