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Ramalakshmi Mariappan
@Lakshu26 · 0:38

Exploring Famous Food items🤤😋🥳

article image placeholderUploaded by @Lakshu26
Hi guys. Today let's play a game. Everyone who is listening to this post must reply now what is the game? Yes. As you see in the picture, the game is about food. I think this welllap has been people from different States and countries so let's explore many food items. You have to reply with your native place or your favorite place along with famous food there. Don't break the chain guys. I'll start first. I am from Tamil Nadu soul trnawali halva

#food #life #exploring #game

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@Shaz · 0:16

Filter coffee and sambar!

Hey, Lakshu, I'm from Tamanado as well and Janae, especially like the Madras Filter coffee in the Dubai set. And Besides that, I also really really like sambar
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Suchismita Patra
@Suetwinslook · 0:05
Wow, this looks like so yummy. And my mouth has been watery
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Sharmila devi
@Sharmi · 0:14
Hello, Kyou. I'm asphalt by your friend and the food I like is dosa, Andy, so I'm keeping this as my unit's favorite food
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sucharita Patra
@Suetwinslaugh · 0:04
Yeah, it's looking so yummy and delicious. Oh, my God
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Mari Ananthi
@Priya227 · 0:12
Hi lakshu. I am also from Tamil Nadu and I too like Kalva and Tamar Villy Alva and then Biryani, I like so much. Thank you
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