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Share your morning ritual

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Hello. Morning swellers. And I thought I'd take a break from talking about travel to speak about rituals. And I'm not talking about traditions and rituals. I'm talking about personal self care rituals that we do. I usually have at least a morning ritual. I mean I know a lot of people who have a morning ritual, night ritual, even a tea ritual and or a coffee ritual or they have like a Sunday ritual

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preethy uthup
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And then after that, whatever be the schedule of the day, I kind of start with it. So it's kind of ritualistic. But I love that ritual part of it because it gives me a sense of purpose as to where I'm going. And I love that garden bit of it because I also have two balconies with flowers and greenery and all. So just talking to them, I sometimes water or as my maid waters
Ranjana Kamo
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You. This is really nice to know about your morning ritual. I think it's great that you have something, you know, well organized and planned for the mornings. It's great to listen to it. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a lovely evening. Bye
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You. Thank you. Thank you so much for that lovely reply. You have a beautiful voice, very soothing, and it's very nice to listen to. Have a lovely Sunday. You too
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Thank you so much for your kind words. And most welcome. Have a lovely evening. Bye
Ramya V
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So, yeah, I kind of try to keep this simple. I start off with a cup of coffee, then my workout, then the hot shower, then my puja, and my chanting happens, after which I'm good to go for the rest of the day. Yeah, fully recharged, and I hit the ground running. It was great to listen to your routine and what others have shared as well. Thank you so much for initiating this conversation
Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 1:42
So over the last couple of years, I have sort of made sure to stick to the schedule. So it's about 05:30 a.m. In the morning, sometimes much earlier if possible. And when it's not very cold, I like to do this on my terrace in the open so that I can see the sunrise. And it's the most beautiful way to start the day. I love watching the sun rise and I do a little prayer to thank the sun for sustaining us
Himanshi Thakur
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What a wonderful topic to choose to discuss upon on and thanks for letting us know your morning ritual, it's so peaceful and it's wonderful that you have carved out time for your pets, your reading and it sounds like a perfect me time. So yeah, well, about me, first of all, I'm not a morning person because no matter how long I sleep for, I will always be groggy when I wake up in the morning. And that has nothing to do with my SAGITTARIUS rhythm
rajat chakraborty
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The second thing is a 15 minutes meditation. The third thing is a 15 minutes journaling, a gratitude journaling. And the fourth thing is a 15 minutes workout. So sometimes it is ten, sometimes it is 15 out of four. Some of the activity out of four, maybe one of the activities gets missed out over a day, depending upon the time. But yes, these four things I have been doing for past five, six years now. I started little bit before Pandemic
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