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#JustForFun | | Happy Black History Month JUST FOR FUN! 😂🤣😂🤣

That's where I'm going to be at. And so I know for certain I will survive a horror movie because I'm not going to make no noise. I'm not going to be like John. What was that? Let's go over there and look. Let's go over there and die because they're going to kill us. Absolutely not. So this post is just funny. Happy black history month. I hope you look at the picture. It's ll cool J

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Hey, Miss Evelyn. I mean, somebody can name another movie where the black person survived, you know what I mean? And I actually like this movie, too. This was a really good movie. He was tearing. Listen, he had them pots in them pans, and he was not going down it. But, yeah, this was a good movie. This was a good movie
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It, girl. He was not. He was not going down. He was like, look, no, not today. And I love this movie. I love it so much. And it had a lot of jump scares in it for me, of course, with sharks. But I loved it, you know, he did his thing, as he usually does
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Another important Black History fact

Good morning, Ladyfi. Here's another important black history fact. I figured I'd add it to the timeline. Remember, he is the player. Player from the Himalayas
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Jerome. Good morning