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Mystery of the Swell: Poisonous Drinks 🧊🍸🍷

Good afternoon, my sweatcast family. Good afternoon. And as you can see from the title, this is the mystery of the swell. Now, this one is called poisonous drinks. And you need to guess how this happened. So I'm going to read it to you. They are clues in me reading it to you, and then you tell me what happened. So, here we go. Marissa and Juliana went out for drinks together. They ordered the same drink

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Darrain …
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Inspired by the anime "Big o" …. And impromptu piece as if i were "roger smith"

And for some odd reason, she kept getting drinks right when her glass was empty. And yet she had a picture that night and no one else did. Now, at first, I didn't see anything of it until I saw that her friend had a separate picture than her. And she seemed already extremely tired. Like within 30 minutes after being there, knew something was up. But look, all I know is this. I just don't know
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Sir. That was excellent. That was excellent. I loved it. It was so Casablanca. It was so Casablanca. Like you were in the, I could just see you at the bar with her. And that was a wonderful skit that you just put on. You need to do that more often on your channel. But that's not the right answer. But you're getting, people are getting really close
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Welcome to Swell!

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What else is a good one? The Goosebump book series when I was a kid where you choose your own fate. Like anything that had a lot of imagination that was required, like escape rooms. I love. So I don't know. It's weird. It's very weird being in this space because I want to talk to people, but then I want people to feel emotions, and stories are where emotions really, really are, and information is where life really grows
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Thank you, brother. And you know what? Please tell your stories. What you did on here was brilliant. When I say it was brilliant. Nobody's doing that. With the background music and the swell and the mystery and the mystique. It was awesome. You should do it. I absolutely loved it. Our soul would listen to stuff like that. So thank you. And I'm about to tell you the answer
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Answer: 👂🏽⬇️

Come on in here, you guys. When I post this stuff, I really, really want you to think, and I know that you have life and things are happening all around you. But be your detective self for just a second and participate, because participation brings love, and love brings love to you. So anyway, here's the answer. First of all, I'm going to read the question. Poisonous drinks. Marissa and Juliana went out for drinks together. They ordered the same drink