Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 1:41

Happy Birthday Big Bird from Sesame Street!!🐣

Sesame street took us to places that we never thought that we could go as children. It opened our mind and our imagination. And one of those people that opened our mind and our imagination was Big Bird. Now, we know that he's a Muppet character, which was designed by Jim Henson and built by KErmit Love. And we know that he has a lot of talents. He can roller skate nice Skate, dance, swim, and sing. So they made him be able to do everything

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Robert Jenkins
@Guruball1 · 0:27
Happy birthday, big bird. Oh, I loved it. My favorite on the show was the count. One, two, three. He was hilarious. The count and my man, Oscar the grouch. Happy birthday again, big Bird. Great post. Brought back beautiful full memories of my childhood and
Gary Brown
@garyplaysbone · 1:52
When Big Bird is walking around the street and he says, I don't understand why everybody in Japan really loves Ohio. And then somebody explains to him, Ohio actually means good morning in Japanese. So it was just so funny. And I just love Big Bird, and I'm really glad it's Big Bird's birthday. Thanks for letting us know. Fantastic. Have a great day
Swell Team
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Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 0:47


He was the first thing you notice when you see Sesame street. But even though he was so big and it looked like he could overpower children, he just had the softest heart. And that's what makes me like him so much. Thank you so much for telling me all of that, because I didn't know
Bruno Pavlicek, PhD
@MotivateMeU · 1:06


So it brings back a lot of good memories. And it definitely served a worthwhile, productive purpose for kids growing up. I don't know if you remember Saturday mornings, so with the schoolhouse rock shows, I miss those. Those were great. But, yeah, TV was different back then. But thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed that moment. All right, Evelyn, talk to you soon
Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 2:17


Back in the day with Mr. Rogers neighborhood, Sesame street, the electric company, Schoolhouse Rock, all of those things taught us everything. It taught us everything that we needed to know. And I was just super excited as a child remembering all these things. But now, as an adult, I wonder, where is the education? Where is the education for the children today?