Evelyn Phipps
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#askswell | Self-Care is a Priority, not a Luxury!

Or if you need to talk to someone about things that are going on in your life, seek a professional. Take your vitamins, take care of yourself. Don't expose yourself to things that mean you no good. That includes people, elements, food, whatever. It could be situations. Self care is about taking care of you. And in order to take care of you, you got to be thinking about you, right? It's not selfish to want to take care of yourself

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Antionette Wiggins
@Queen11 · 2:48
Cuss got work and I got the kids and I got games and I got so, yeah, we have to take time because even this weekend we're dealing with my family issue. I was running from one state to the next state, picking up family member, taking them back, taking them here and bringing them Chapel Hill to the hospital. And I just had to take a moment, and I just took a moment whether I broke down or just sat there
Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 1:04


Thank you so much for contributing to this. Well, tennis, now that's a workout sport in itself. I am so grateful today that you shared this information. A lot of young ladies and young men need to know that self care is important, and taking a moment to get themselves together is not harmful. They need to do that