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#Perspective | What I look for in a political candidate is...Important because Your Voice Matters! Choose Someone Who thinks like this…

But one other thing that I covered under my series on voting is how and what do I look for in a political candidate? Political candidates are more than just republicans, conservatives, liberals, democrats. It's more than that. In order to select someone as a political candidate, you need to know more about them. You need to research them. Are they electable? What do they stand for? Do they take seriously their oath to the constitution? What are their policy positions?

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Robert Jenkins
@Guruball1 · 4:55
And a lot of these politicians, like I said, they are not going to do anything except for the work for their constituents. Why they are going to do what people pay them to do. It's not even about voting. You could vote for this person. They're not going to do what they say they're going to do
Robert Jenkins
@Guruball1 · 0:09
I meant to say fill our pockets, not fleece our pockets. They want to fill their pockets and fleece us. This is what I meant to say. Peace
Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 1:47


It's supposed to be about what's right versus what's wrong. But that is not how it is these days. And finding a candidate that shares your views and is still on the side of right is incredible. But then again, what's the side of right? It all depends on the person that's telling that story. So, yeah, it's best to research your candidates, find someone that's like minded with you and thinks the way that you do
Michael Knight
@MK1981 · 3:10
But unfortunately, there are people out there who won't be bought, who actually really want to do good for people, but for some reason we won't get behind them and we allow them to cheat. But I do have hope that things will change. But I think the bigger issue on how to figure out who to vote for, we just need to be issue voters at this point because the people that we're voting for are sad and we need better candidates and we have to search them out
Michael Knight
@MK1981 · 4:31


It's this whole amalgamation of just different kinds of people making really bad, selfless decisions that hurt a lot of people. So it kind of goes back to how do we vote and who we vote for. Quite honestly, I'm kind of with you on the idea that voting isn't going to work. I don't think we're going to vote our way out of these situations, at least not by itself. I think voting is just one mechanism, one tool in the toolbox
Evelyn Phipps
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It. We're on the same team when it comes to. I don't agree in party lines. I really don't. I mean, I have a specific party that I. That I belong to, but I'm losing faith because are they on the right issues? And then is it about saving face or saving the nation or saving the world? Even these people, they lobby for nonsense and they sit down and do nothing when it's necessary. I don't understand that
Michael Knight
@MK1981 · 4:12


And I think that's where it becomes on us as voters to find people who recognize their responsibility to us. And it's hard. It is definitely not easy, especially with a lot of propaganda. And I'm sorry, I think people are a bit like very lazy because when people try to tell me that they don't understand why a lot of minority people don't want to vote for Democrats anymore. I get it. I will vote. I'm not going to lie
Bruno Pavlicek, PhD
@MotivateMeU · 4:04
So why doesn't the president of the United States, who's leading one of the major countries in the world, why don't they go through a psychological. To that end, I have to also say, and I'm kind of expanding the discussion, this year's election scares the living daylights out of me. And I ask myself, I'll tell you I am conservative, but I really don't identify with one party or the other
Taylor J
@Taylor · 3:01
Very interesting conversation. On the one hand, you know, I am kind of inclined to agree with Michael here in that I don't know that we can necessarily vote ourselves out of these situations. I think that that would be possible if people were a bit more on top of voting in general and staying involved in the election season, local elections, just being active outside of just the few weeks leading up to a major race. But we just don't really see that level of involvement, unfortunately
Michael Knight
@MK1981 · 1:26
But I do like the idea of just not allowing, ah, our, our lives to keep going down this corporatist track, because it's not good for anybody, even the corporatist, because what kind of world are we going to end up with?
Evelyn Phipps
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Happy Valentine's Day, doctor. You know what? I'm knight with you. I have a party affiliation, but at this point, I'm just questioning that because you're right. Can we do better than the ones that we have? I mean, we have a very limited scope of choices at this point. So is it all about money and who has the most money? Who has the most pull? The current president or the one that was running again for presidency?
Evelyn Phipps
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Not that both of them are evil. That's not what I'm really saying. But you know what I mean. I don't know. We just don't have much of a choice at this point and that bugs me in itself because if you don't have much of a choice which one do you choose? Do you choose the one that you hate less? That should never be hate involved. It should be about the person you love more, not hate less. It