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#parents | #askswell What is something that you wish your parents taught you that you’ve taught your children? #askswell

And so I took that into my adulthood and into my marriages, and it was hard to get over stuff like that. But I have, and now I'm living more in peace than I am in bondage or in hostility, and I wanted to teach that to my children. Don't be so hard on yourself. Learn to love yourself. Get to know who you are. Get to know your limits

What is some thing that your peers should have taught you that you taught your children? #teaching #raisingkids

Tanya Coles
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And I love my parents. It was just something I guess they didn't see growing up and so they didn't know how to model it for us. And so I did not know how to become that way. I had to work on becoming that way through prayer and just allowing God to transform my heart. I had to become that way. But even now it's still like something I have to think about
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Thank you so much for replying. Says, yeah. I mean, that's an excellent point. Growing up, my parents never asked me what was wrong. They just asked me why I was crying, which is a great point, and I did the same with my daughters. Why are you crying? Instead of asking them what's wrong? You know, do they need to talk? Or something like that
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My mom did more than my dad, but it was definitely something that was lacking. And I hugged my children. My youngest daughter, she hugged too much. I'd be like, girl gone. Jesus. But yeah, I hug my children, and I hug my grandchildren, and I hug them and I touch them and I play with them. Not a bad touch, but I put my arm around them and I hold their hand and stuff like that
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But that would have helped that knowledge, that financial knowledge. But back within when my parents were raising me, was that knowledge available, really for black people? You know, it wasn't a lot of us back then buying our own coles, and if so, the secret wasn't told how to do it. Not that it's a secret, but you know what I mean. But thank you so much for your response