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Favorite Card Games?

But anyway, so I bought a book of, well, math games for one. And then card games I was going to sort through and see if any of them I think would be appropriate for students during off days, downtime, whatever

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Evelyn Phipps
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One of the most favorite games that my kids and I play in a Sakura game is phase ten, because you have to go through so many different levels and get so many different things, know three sevens, three sevens, four reds, et cetera, et cetera. And everybody can feel like a winner in phase ten. And it involves numbers, so that's another good thing, and it involves patience. So try it. Phase ten is a good game. Thank you
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Hey, thank you very much for this. I will definitely take a look
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Tanya Coles
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And you know, in Uno, you can pull a card like a draw four, and you can make the person next to you draw four, because the idea is to run out of cards. And so if you keep having to draw, you're not going to run out of cards. And so you have a draw four, then you have reverse and all that stuff. And of course, there's different ways to play Uno