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Who In Your Life Commanded Your Respect Without Trying?

Think of one or more people in your life, it could be your sometime in the past or most or recent who commanded your respect, maybe even your awe, without trying. And then maybe think of what. What about them made them, made them do that for you. And it might be helpful if you could see how they did that with other people around them too, if it wasn't just you. But, you know, starting with yourself



A few questions for you. The word respect, there's often a lot of different meanings applied to that word or that concept. And I'm curious which one you are thinking of in this question that you're asking. And the other question I have is, what do you mean by command?
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And think of it. It doesn't just have to be something who is somebody who is going to tell you what to do in that you have to respect them. That way it could be somebody you have a certain amount of respect for. That's the best way I can put it now. And I suppose we can always go back and forth and refine that idea. But beyond that, whatever kind of comes to mind. Yeah, I don't know
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Very, it's not a very, it's not so much a pinpointed question as, as some. That I'm, that I'm, I have an idea of what the answer might look like, more so than after going through a lot of this stuff. It's a question that came out of all that, if that helps at all


I think there's a constant evolution of us attempting to, you know, more align ourselves with the things that we find to be important, but there's also an evolution of our thinking of the things that we value and find important. And so I'm not looking for something specific, but more the congruency of, or the attempt for congruency
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Hey, there. So for me, it was a journalism professor, and she really commanded my respect, not just in her. In her past career as a journalist, as an editor, as a leader. She really gave a damn about the students that she worked with, and she really cared about seeing us succeed. She was tough at times. She was tough and fair at the same time. And she really, I think, led well. Not a yeller, not a screamer
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So my overall thought and conclusion is people who are tapped into that authentic power are influential. So I hope this may help assist you in the question that you asked. And I definitely enjoyed the question. Thank you