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"The Teachers" by Alexandra Robbins and "Lessons Learned and Cherised: The Teacher Who Changed My Life" by Deborah Roberts

But I'm seeing if I can take anything out of this because sometimes I think I've talked about instances where I kept focusing on a kid or pushing them along and they were super resistant, but in the end, they said they very much appreciate the effort. So matter of fact, um, we had letters at the end of the year and I mentioned how students send a letter to their favorite teacher in the school

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Mrs. Hardy

Hardy believed in me, and now I was beginning to see myself differently. I wanted to write more fluently, speak properly, and ace my spelling tests. I felt seen and valued. It had never occurred to me how empowering it could feel to hear a teacher, someone outside my family, say that you are different and have what it takes to soar I watched Mrs. Hardy intently and was determined to make good grades