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ktk SPAM
@ktk · 1:58

A new perspective

And we know the latest technology talking about millennials. They've been through a very interesting period. They wanted to do something that already worked that already worked. So they basically copied pretty much America. They've gone through a Westernization period. So seeing a lot of struggle and a lot of dynamic change. So like Internet revolution, the whole progression technology. They are acknowledged to be very hard working and talking about Gen X


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07 Ananya Jain
@Ananya · 0:05
It seems quite interesting. I'll surely read this book. Now
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Aadit khajuria
@Aaditk24 · 0:07
The book sounds quite amazing. I will surely read it. And I think you should keep on making such words. Thank you
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Mitansh Shah
@mitansh · 0:11
The other book sounds really amazing. And it's something new, not according to my genre. So I'll go through it and really enjoy it. Thank you
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