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Kim M
@kimestryarts · 1:33

Genius and insanity? Is there a connection?

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Yesterday would have been the 82nd birthday of singer songwriter Marvingaye Gay, thinking about his life and having just read his his biography, I started contemplating the relationship between genius and insanity. Marvin had such a difficult upbringing in childhood, and he brought a lot of those childhood wounds into his interactions as an adult. And at the same time, he was a genius singer songwriter who pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable during his time. And with the creation of his album, What's Going On?


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Indy Rishi Singh
@MysticScientist · 2:11
And it seems that in order to go out of the status quo, in order for us to think out of the status quo to invent and innovate and create something genius, one has to actually be somewhat mad and somewhat crazy and somewhat insane because they don't go by the rules. They break or bend the rules. And even love has to be that some way
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Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 3:40

And I think a lot of creativity and generosity and brilliance can come from those challenges, but also they leave a Mark and can leave many artists struggling with certain demons or lifelong addictions or other issues I wanted to share. So this writer, Elizabeth Gilbert, she's best known for her book Eat Pray Love, because it blew up and made her famous
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