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Kavya N
@KavyaNagarajan · 2:22

Student Srimathi Suicide Case in Detail

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These are the key questions that are circling among the public hence the Trimathi's case has been handed over to CBC ID trinity's parents want to know whether she was sexually abused before her death and requested another autopsy and the justice for her daughter they also said that they are not the reason behind the violence trim at his parents lawyer said that the parents stepped back from the threat when the violence spread out it is expected that this case will be accelerated the truth will be out soon and Streamline will get justice let's pray for that

#Justiceforsrimathi #tamilnadu

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Pradeep Malarvannan
@pradeepmalar · 4:22
They claim that there have been a lot of spent a lot of money maintaining this infrastructure. Can't they spend another few thousand rupees just to get the license for it? For running the Australians? I mean, seriously, that's freaking bad. That's stupid. By the school management. So that's in a lot of damage in the as many people might have seen the videos, many people stole stuff. Some people stole some people storement order. It will be forcefully snatched from them
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