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The 12 Swaras in Hindustani Sangeet - Singing Lesson 2

Hi, everyone. Welcome to the second lesson. In a previous lesson, we spoke about the seven Swaras, but did you know that there are actually twelve in Hindustani? Sangit Seven Shuddha, Sahara, Sara, Gama, Padha, and Ni? And along with that we have five Vikrut zwaraz, which are Rey, Komal, Kirkhara, Dhakomal, and Nikomal. Now what does Komal and TVRA mean? I'll explain in my upcoming spells. Till then, consider following for more such singing tips

Today we will be discussing the concept of Vikrut Swaras in Hindustani Sangeet! Let me know what you want to learn about next? :)