My Journey from 0 Followers to 50,000+ on Social Media - Karan Chugh | Episode 1

When I took up singing seriously, I thought the only way for me to make it would be by singing in Bollywood, and that would mean that I was dependent on someone else to give me a break. However, in the past few years, I saw the parallel rise of the independent music scene in India. Multiple YouTubers and independent artists were seeing great success with other originals, and that really gave me the courage to follow my passion and create opportunities for myself

Sharing my personal journey with all of you! Let me know your thoughts! #socialmedia #swellindia #indiansingers #indianinfluncer #indianpodcaster

Junaid Khalfay
@captkhalfay · 0:57
Hi Karan, I'm a really, really big fan of your music, your creations. And I've been following you since quite some time on other platforms as well. Just realized that I said as well, and I'm on Swell. Anyway, this is a new platform and something which I'm looking forward to hear more of your creations over here