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Hello. This is fun. Pera, how's everyone doing? Hope all of you have good day and good business, good family, good life, whatever. Good for you. I have been a little bit exhausted with the business. It's. You know, that business is always hard, but especially last few months, you know. I'm working for a model train business. Model train means small train. It's not a toy, it's like a hobby

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But to discover a problem to solve, to figure out how to most optimally solve that problem and work with other people, is just going to be challenging in whatever department of life you're in. So anyway, man, thanks for sharing. I hope you're finding peace and finding stillness in your days wherever you can and have a great weekend and
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Because you running out and being like, buy the product, buy the product. That doesn't make someone buy the product, but someone feeling like, if I don't have this product, my life is worse off. Right? It's the feeling, not the words. Like my Angelo taught us, people forget what you tell them, but they'll never forget how you made them feel. And that's the crux of business experience and business success
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But it took time to think about how I respond to you and took time. Sorry about that. Yeah, thank you very much for your kind words. Always. As you say that, I agree that business is like it's not only manufacturing or selling products, that's business is whole kinds of relationship with people. Not only coworkers, but also with customers. Some people between in our company or among customers are not satisfied or have little not good feeling to our company or business
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However, we still feel like the japanese people don't know how to tell the customers those qualities. So I think that as my challenge, as my lifelong study, I would try to how to make customers impressed not only from the product itself but also the way of the promotion. So that's good study. Thank you very much for your comments and I hope that you would enjoy my, you know, my posting in the future. So thank you very much. Have a good night. Bye
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So feel free to let's keep engaging around this stuff. But what I find interesting sometimes, especially if you have a more, I guess trust, is harder maybe to build with your customer. What might be an interesting play that is done here in America is that make the customer themselves the ambassador, right?