Jude D'Souza
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Award won for 'The Body Language Trail' book

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And this ward of notes and this nomination and this award that I won yesterday, 13 January 2024. So it was a good memorable experience. And she says that I will win many awards in the future. So it is a good recognition for my work. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book in a matter of say, 20 days, and it was all close to my heart so I could write well and fill in the words and anecdotes which are very dear to me

Won 'Non-Fiction Suenos Book of the 2023' at KLC 2024 #award #taponswell #askswell https://linktr.ee/judeld

Challa Sri Gouri
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Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful information through this well platform. I'm looking forward to listen and learn a lot from you. And once again, congratulations for your achievement
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