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Teaser- Favourite Pastime

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And how he managed to survive through it and still came out of it defying all odds. And a book about Saurav Ganguly written by Saptarshi Sarkar. How he managed to defy all odds and even go against authorities and defied them to come back in the team. And a book about Martin Luther King Jr. By Roger Brunes. How he managed to be brought up to be the great man he is away from domestic violence. You need to subscribe an amount of rs99 per month

Learn from my favourite pastime of reading books; vast collection and insights #authorspeak #spirituality #books #AskSwell https://linktr.ee/judeld

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Reading is the best habit that you can cultivate and it gets you and makes you learn so many perspectives about various aspects of life. And I think it is the best habit that one can have. So, happy reading and have a lovely weekend. Bye
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