What are cacao nibs?

They are crunchy, they're bitter, they don't have sweetness, but they are part of the cocoa bean. So instead of being ground up and mixed with sugar and milk and emulsifiers, that is part of the chocolate making process. The nibs are the part of the beans and they're the inside part. They're broken into pieces and pulverized in bags and sold exactly the way that they are. It's pretty much unprocessed cocoa bean, they're bitter, but they taste like pure dark chocolate
Carly D
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So it's like peanut butter and yogurt mixed together. And you make that as, like, the base of a smoothie bowl. And then you put in on top. You slice up fresh strawberries. You slice up a banana. You put in almonds. Like, make rows of each of these across the bowl. You do almonds and I do granola. That's the one I make. But I'm thinking about adding some of the roasted cacao nibs to give it a little bit more boldness
Jordan Tepper
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Roasted boldness. Yeah, that sounds really good. Yeah, you should open up a snackery Carly's snackery, where you can come and get a super Carly Fragilistic snackadocious. Amount. Amount of snacks. It
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It has crunch because of the almonds and stuff, but it yeah. I like this idea. Maybe I will do that. Maybe I'll roast the cacao nibs and I'll lay the chocolate chips, like, right on top of that row and so that it's kind of like a mix of the two together. Maybe. I don't know. Maybe that's what I'll try. We'll see. Thanks for the idea, though