Play With Your Food! Grits, do you like them sweet or savory?

That's how I would describe it. A little bit of gritty on the palate. But they're also healthy if you don't put too much butter or cheese or sauce. They have a lot of iron and minerals as well. It has some vitamin d in it, too. They've been around for hundreds of years. And even before the europeans explored the west, the indigenous people of north america were eating a dish of mashed corn, as corn was the prevalent crop
Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 2:23
Salmon was probably the dish and the polenta was the side and it was so good. So it was served in, like, a savory way. Now, as far as grits, yes, I do know what grits are. I grew up eating grits, so I always ate my grits growing up with, like, salt, pepper and butter. But then I started hearing about people putting sugar in their grits and I was like, oh, my God, no
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 0:45


That all sounds really good and I didn't know that Milk did that. Now you're going to laugh at me. Some of my favorite grits are actually from Waffle House because they are not runny. They're a little thicker creamier and just love a bowl of Waffle House grits. I didn't grow up with them. I didn't grow up with grits, but I started liking them more when I moved to Nashville. Thank you so much for sharing
The Squad Bible
@iamchantal · 2:00
I don't eat grits. I've tried it, don't eat it. I've seen people make it. Yes, you said with butter. I've never seen anybody put pepper on it. Like hot sauce. Salt and pepper makes sense to me. I've seen people mix eggs, mix, like, scrambled eggs into it. I don't know. I just love cream of wheat, love oatmeal. But like you said, those aren't comparable to it
The Squad Bible
@iamchantal · 0:50
You. I'm not sure what happened. I think my phone glitched out, but yeah, I wasn't aware of the many ways that you can make grits. You know, maybe if somebody introduced it to me in a different way, made it in a different way, maybe ground it down some more so it's not as gritty grainy. You know, maybe I'd be into it. I don't know
@ShoFuturistic · 0:17
It. Look, man, salty and buttery is the only way to eat grits. I'm from the southern state. I'm from a southern place. That's how to do it. But if you want to eat something sweet, save that for some cream of wheat. But grits, that's only salt and butter. It
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 0:42


You. Yes, I hear you. Because there's I mean, I believe salt butter. I put pepper because I don't like it too salty. Kind of sensitive to salt. And then sometimes it said I'll throw some hot sauce in there. But for my friends, it's like a big debate. If you want sweet grits. And I'm like, no, you don't eat sweet grits. That is gross. But I agree. Keep it savory
Jeremiah Myer
@Jeremiah73 · 1:01
You. Hello. I eat grits quite often, almost solely for breakfast. And I like my grits to be savory. I like to put a bit of red pepper, dried red pepper flake in my grits and then salt. And I do like powdered celery in my grits also. And then I have eggs and some kind of meat bacon or sausage. But that's how I eat my grits. I do like shrimp and grits. I just never think about making it
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 0:21
You. Thank you so much for your response. Powdered celery like a celery salt. Because I like celery salt on my hot dogs. I never thought about putting it on grits. That sounds really good. I'll have to give it a try. Thank you so much for that idea
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 3:20
And I don't like them runny, and I don't like them too thick where it's cake. Like, it's got to be that just right consistency where I can still scoop it with the spoon and there's still a little bit of movement, but not swirly movement. And I love it with lots of butter, salt, and pepper. Sometimes I will order grits with scrambled eggs and bacon, and I will crumble up the bacon. I don't like my grits with cheese