What is Tajín seasoning?

I am the chief confectionery officer of East Tasty Candy Company in I like to you talk about food. I like to hear about food and know what you are doing with it. Have you had tahin before? Let me know. What do you put it on, and let's give it a try. Have a great day
Renee 🪬
@RensLens · 1:54
Like a mix of a jello consistency that was like grimy, but spicy and hot. It anyways left like PTSD. Like, when I think about it, I vomit in my mouth. So anyway, I just thought I'd share that with you. Thanks for inviting me to the discussion. I think anyways, I hope you're doing good, Jordan
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 1:16


You. Oh, my God. That is such a crazy description. What I think that you found was it wasn't just the tahin. I think it was covered in chamoi, which it's like a delicacy in some cultures. Mostly found, like, in the Hispanic Mexican culture. Chamoi, it's like red sauce. I try to like it, but I just can't. So the tahin is just the powder, but the chamoi is like, what you described as the jelly
Swell Team
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Renee 🪬
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You. Okay. Thanks for the clarification on that because I didn't know if I got punked or what the fuck happened, but yeah, it was just, like, weird and strange, so anyways, it's very informative. Thank you. Yeah. From now on, when something like that happens, I who to reach out to and get the four one one on what the hell just happened. Thanks, Jordan. Appreciate
Carly D
@Astroality · 0:28
You. I love me some tahin on oranges. I love it on pineapples. I love it. Oh, man, so many things. It's really good on watermelon. The other thing, I love it on like just go with me here. If you are going to drink a margarita, you line the rim of the margarita glass with tahin. So good. I love it, love it. Yeah. I love it