All you can eat restaurants

What can I get the best deal out of food, cost, what's going to cost the restaurant the most money? And I kind of want to say, like, yeah, I'm going to eat the most expensive thing there. If there's steak, there's prime rib. Man, I will eat some prime rib. If I'm at a sushi restaurant, I make sure that I eat actual real fish, and not just like, crab with a K
Carly D
@Astroality · 2:17
And so they grabbed this giant plate and they literally just stacked everything from appetizers to main meals to desserts all in the same plate. And it literally just grossed me out so much. I remember thinking, like, who would eat a blueberry muffin that has touched that much gravy? I was so grossed out by the whole experience. I remember her mom being so irritated because I didn't pile my plate with all this stuff after they paid for me to eat
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 3:30
And I honestly hoped and prayed during the COVID era, because we think we're out of COVID during the COVID era. I was hoping that they would shut down all you can eat buffets. But no, I mean, they opened them back up with some parameters. And I know I've been through a couple, not to dine, but to sit with people that wanted to partake. And it's right back to how it used to be