Hey, good morning, people. I just want to let you guys know that it's Halloween today. So if you don't have your costume on, you don't have your spooky vibes, I think you should just probably go right back to bed

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Zaakirah Singleton
@Zaakirah · 1:35
I'm almost 50, so I mean, I get it, I understand about the aches and the pains and you know, all of that may not be the same things you're going through, but I definitely can understand what you're meaning
Jodi Torrey
@Jodito · 2:25


And it's always good to have somebody relate to what you're going through, so wow. I consider you a friend, and I followed you instantly, so thanks for those positive vibes. And, yes, it's been really rough. Since I was 17, they told me I had the back of a 60 year old, and it was bone on bone nerve damage. So at age 30, I had an artificial disc in a fusion. It was a three month recovery
Zaakirah Singleton
@Zaakirah · 1:52


But you just keep holding on and keep your spirits high. And I'm always here to talk. So if you need to talk, I'm here. So you just keep holding on and just know that it's something bigger than us. And the Most High has a plan for you, is the reason why we're all here, is the reason why we're going through the things that we're going through
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 3:13
And by no means I understand as a parent, he is not perfect. He is imperfectly perfect. So he's doing his thing with his friends this afternoon, and I will be home for the first time in a long time to open the door to answer the kids who are ready to say trick or treat and pass out some really good candy to them. That's my happy Halloween plans. I'm a last minute candy buyer, so I have to by twelve noon
Jodi Torrey
@Jodito · 0:29


I am with you, girl. I'm a lastminute candy buyer. And so that's, like, my one goal today. Talk about procrastination. And I also want to applaud you for recognizing that your son had strengths because you raised him. And then in that moment when he's building you up, you thought, man, I'm doing something right. I have two girls. And so I just could relate
Jodi Torrey
@Jodito · 0:54


Again, thank you for your kind words. And I appreciate you saying what you said about you know, I agree with you that there is an ultimate physician that resides in heaven that watches over us. He can raise the dead. He can make the lame walk. Anything that I'm facing this day isn't enough for I mean, you know what I'm trying to say. Sorry I fumbled those words
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 1:19
And may us all enjoy our costumes today, even if they aren't provocative tight fitted and exposes your cleavage in crotch. Maybe I need a crotchless chaps for my work uniform. I can bring the bills in. Dollar, dollar bills, y'all. No. Because if ladies were to get a sight of my buttox, they would lose their mind. So because we don't want to have that sort of frenzy at my job place, I'll just continue to wear khaki pants
Jodi Torrey
@Jodito · 0:36


Wow. First of all, I wish I was your coworker, because I'm sure you're about to bless their day just with your humor alone. So without the crotchless pants, you're still doing awesome. Let me tell you right now, you hear me? So go dunk that Oreo in some hot frying oil or whatever it is that you do to make you smile. Be well
Eluchianna Olive
@Luchianna · 2:17
Although we're not giving out candy this year, I am going to go over to my sister house for a minute to see her pass out candy in her neighborhood. Her neighbors, some of them go all out and one particular house have little like grave stones. That was kind of cute. Some of go there and try to take pictures. And my nephews might be over there, so I might snap some pictures of them in their costume. I know some people don't celebrate
Jodi Torrey
@Jodito · 1:58


You are so right, girl. We just got to keep moving. Keep moving. I actually just got done doing some laundry. As I'm bending in and out of the dryer, I just was muttering to myself and thinking, I really wish which I wasn't doing this. But then I try to flip my mind set to at least I have clothes to fold. At least I have a dryer and a washer to wash them hangers to hang them up