Experiments in Form

You. Hi all. I wanted to share some poetry that I've been working on. I was listening to a response from Edenique about how she had a moment when she knew she had to write a poem. When she knew she said, something in me shifted. It was a lightning bolt moment. And she also gave me some advice about following a structure or following form, if that's a way in to writing poetry. And so I sort of took that idea and ran with it this morning


Adenike Nana Esie
@nourishyou · 1:45
I haven't been writing that long, but one of the things I've learned about editing and crafting is to refine down to the real essence and to reduce all the unnecessary. And that's a process I like, and I think the experience is much more impactful that way. So I'm curious about how you found it too. Oh, it's great that you shared this, Jacqueline. I'm really I'm touched, and I'm really pleased. Time well spent, I think
Laura L (she/her)
@Loloflow · 1:04
Why is everyone I love that line. I feel you on a lot of these. I've had and continue to have bouts of depression. And I think I hear are you talking about relationships? That might not be a two way street. I really thought this was unique, and you made me work for it a little bit, which I don't mind. I actually kind of dig that because this form is not something my ear is used to hearing
Jacqueline Kharouf
@JacquelineEK · 2:33


But I think that's an interesting way to work as well, with how do you take something you've written and look at it without becoming too emotionally attached to it? Or there's a phrase in a lot of fiction writing workshops that people will tell each other to kill your darlings. I think it's actually I think it was Faulkner who said that
Jacqueline Kharouf
@JacquelineEK · 2:22


I should have prefaced this piece with a notice that currently I'm okay. And I think writing like this and sharing here has been really joyful for me. And so even if the subject matter is sad or an expression of my current depression, I almost need it to be out there a little bit so it's not so scary and not so close on me. I guess one of the lines in the bigger piece was something my therapist said, which bothered me because it wasn't very kind
Laura L (she/her)
@Loloflow · 2:59


And I come from a mental health background, and a lot of therapy is like, let's fix you. Let's fix this. And I reject that wholeheartedly. I think what we need is to allow more than fix. And that is why the writing gives you relief, and the sharing of the writing gives you relief, because we're here to be everything that we are and the dark and the light and all of it