The Message of Brahms

Brahms is perhaps his most vulnerable the music asking for answers beyond the vehicle of the organ, beyond the quiet poetry of the religious text that Brahms utilizes to preface these pieces. When I asked Nada about the vulnerability of these preludes, she immediately agreed. Quote the crowds are full of questions. What did we do in life that is meaningful or not meaningful? Because he had those questions at the end of his life also about his music. What is my music worth? Will it stay?

A blog excerpt on Pianist Nada and the piano works of Brahms. #blog #music #essay

Ty Dobbs
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I kind of get to a point on this app where I scroll and pick on pick the most obscure titles that I can find because I'm just so curious what lights people up enough to come on here and share a little bit. And I love just what I can find and what I can learn. So thank you for sharing a little bit about how much Brahms means to you and the music and the newer compositions, everything
Jacqueline Kharouf
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As for other solo let's see piano work I would also recommend the works of List if you haven't listened to him. Um, let's see I listen to a lot of Debussy as well, so I'll try to yeah, keep that maybe in mind in terms of some next posts. But thanks again for listening and I hope you have a good week too. Thanks
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Ty Dobbs
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And maybe that is somewhat mythology, maybe that's just a fun story, but I've been talking with some friends about List lately, and I wanted to just when you mentioned List, I was like, no way. Okay, maybe you can give me some insight. What do you know about List? I would love to know more
Jacqueline Kharouf
@JacquelineEK · 4:08


Also, his transcendental attudes are these incredibly difficult but incredibly beautiful pieces of music for a solo piano. I recently did an interview with another pianist. Her name is Ava Polkar. She is like list from Hungary. She's a young person still performing now. But it was interesting. I did a lot of research on List because of that interview, which I might try to share here as well. But I learned from that that List had quite a calling to the religious life as well