Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii·6mo ago·1:28

Do you know about 'Birth Flower'???

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"…Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon everyone. Whenever you are listening to this Vill. So do you guys know that there is something called birth flower or birth month flower? Well I didn't know about it. So today I was going through my Instagram Instagram feed and I came across a post about birth flower system and then I searched about it. So I found out that long long ago when there was no email, texting or phone call system people used to communicate with flowers.…"

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Priya Jyoti

@priyajyoti · 6mo ago · 0:39

"…Hi Shabi. So it was really no information for me. I had no idea about the conversation of flowers and conversation with flowers and about but it's a new information and it is quite interesting, right. That our history was very interesting. And I would love to search for my birthday. I was born in May, so I would go and search about this. That what is my birthday. And I'll tell you for sure.…"

Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 6mo ago · 0:10

"…Hi Prayer Jyoti good to hear from you. Thank you for listening my swell and yeah do search about your birth flower and I hope you will get some positivity through it.…"

@priyajyoti 😊

Bipasha Sehrawat

@bipashaa · 6mo ago · 0:26

"…Hey, Shabby, I also given you about this is a very new concept for me and this is very interesting. You know, knowing about our history is really an interesting part for me. And I would love to know more about about this. And I would go and research about on this topic. I like yourselves and I appreciate you for selling this new concept.…"

Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 6mo ago · 0:11

"…Hi Bipasha thank you so much for listening to my swell and appreciating it and yeah go ahead and do such about your birth month flower take care.…"

@bipashaa 😊

Palak Jain

@palakjain · 6mo ago · 0:23

"…Such a new concept. You have chosen Subhi. Very creative must say. And I checked it out on Google my birth flower and it was daffodils and guess what? They are my favorite ones know I'm a person who loves to know about new things and concepts and your swell is one of them. So never stop posting.…"

Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 6mo ago · 0:05

"…Hi Palak. I'm glad you liked it and keep listening.…"

@palakjain 😊

Tanya Mahajan

@Tanya30 · 6mo ago · 0:41

"…Hi Subhi I was also going through some podcasts and I came across the bird flower system four five days ago. Only for me my birth flower is Narcissus, so I really don't know about it anything earlier. I just came across this four to five days ago and I realized that many people now believe in the system and I feel it very mesmerizing and amazing. I love the birthday system and I'm going to search it a lot about it now.…"

Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 6mo ago · 0:10

"…Glad to hear from you, Tanya. And yeah, please go ahead and search about birth flowers. I will also do that. Thank you so much.…"

@Tanya30 😊



@Harshika · 6mo ago · 0:25

"…Hey Subhi Harshika the side I really didn't know anything about this before so yeah, thank you for sharing this thing. And as I've born in Germany I was born in January so my birthplace is Carnation and Snowdrop as you told. So yeah thank you for this amazing, swell.…"

Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 6mo ago · 0:05

"…Hi Harshika. Thank you so much for listening to my swell. I hope you liked it.…"

@Harshika 😊


Subhi Saxena

@itssubhiii · 6mo ago · 0:09

"…Hello. Your birth flower according to your birth month is lakspur and water Lily. Thank you.…"

@Little_mother 😊


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