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You? My mom went to a local catholic school that was also a boarding school. At some point when she was a girl, she didn't live very far from it. And I think she went there two or three years. And she always described the experience in a very negative way, except for the homemade cinnamon rolls, which they would get on Fridays, I believe, and they would go in and buy for something like a nickel or a dime or. Don't know

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But she was also, I think, minoring in ecommerce or something, that she was doing some business venture. And I went with her to one of those business expos one evening because I was just very interested and she was a very nice person. But my interest didn't really peak as much because, I don't know, at that time, I wasn't really into just sitting down during talks about web designing and everything like that. I was like, okay, this was cool
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But she's still got a bust, a statue, and there's a lot of plaques and history within that hospital as you're walking around it, of the stuff that she did medically wise, you don't find out about the architect stuff and the other business things that she accomplished until you go to the school that she started. Yeah, it's just mind blowing