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the case of amber hagerman

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"…Today, I'm gonna be talking about the case of amber hagerman, who the amber alert was created in memory of on January 13, 1996. Amber hagerman was nine years old and was on a bike ride with with her five year old brother Ricky. And it was a warm winter day in Arlington, Texas, so they went to an abandoned grocery store parking lot. There was a ramp there that a bunch of kids from the neighborhood would use.…"



chris vitale

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"…And then when police identified him, et cetera, and they put a warrant out for this guy's arrest and put a sketch out, he knew the jig was up. He dropped young Christopher Stevens off near railroad tracks. And Christopher Stevens ended up fighting back because he knew something was wrong. And unfortunately, Chris little boy lost his life. But that implemented the sex offender registry in Canada.…"



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