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#RainbowStory | My coming-out story...

And after I went there, I had made up my mind that this time I would come out to my pains because now that I know that this is the right person, and also I'm financially independent because I'm getting a fellowship from one of the premier institutes of India so I can take care of myself. So I went there each day. I was talking to my partner through a phone call for hours

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Aishani Chatterjee
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And the generation right after, you know, our parents generation, I think when they become parents, or even our generation, for that matter, I think with every passing generation, parents are going to become more accepting towards their children, and children are going to find a safe space in their parents, and that is something to look forward to. And, yeah, I would absolutely love to hear the rest of your story. And welcome on Swahil, by the way
Abhishek Dey
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We're going to different schools talking about how to promote inclusive education for the students belonging to the LGBTQIA community, because we know that in the existing pedagogy syllabus, in the bachelor's of education, there's nothing mentioned how to take care of people belonging or students belonging to the LGBTQI community
Aishani Chatterjee
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I mean, regardless of whether that be our sexual preferences, whether that be our career choices, whether that be anything, any of our major life decisions or any of our major traits. And thank you so much for the compliment about my voice
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That's where we become more open and honest about these kind of little issues that people think that they are. But I think one must accept them because that is where it lies. Respect and dignity for all individuals. And I am so happy that you have someone that you found and you share that kind of vibe with that person. So people in your life, for whatever phase, period that they are in, you know, they are
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Nupur Upadhyaya
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First of all, you and your partner are so cute. So darn cute. Just reminding me of rabbits. Second point, great on you for coming out to your parents and actually getting through it. I tried it once, like about three, four years ago. My mother kind of got angry at me. My father didn't even want to listen to me. And they don't stop. Still think that I am a bi. I'm not
Shubho Chakroborty
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Hey Abhishek, really good to hear your story. It was indeed very heartwarming and I understand all the complications you faced and the hurdles you face while coming out to your family. But yeah, keep posting us updates about this and all the best
Aiswarya Kartha
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I must say, your parents have been very supportive of you. Hats off to them. Yeah. Because there are a lot of people still under the shades, and they are not able to come out. You know, your courage should not go unnoticed. I think it is challenging. It is. And I think this willingness of yours to share the truth, it can liberate a lot of people. It can empower a lot of people
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Thank for sharing u r coming out story with all of us u r so inspiring and giving motivation to other's. I love watching u and hearing u more

Hi Abhishek, thank you for sharing your coming out story with all of us. You are so inspiring and giving motivation to others. Also how to come out I love watching you and hearing you and I want to know more about your coming out story about your parents reaction now, how they feel about you, do they support you and many more things. Thank you for sharing
Sarita pramod
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But you know what? Nothing is perfect. You're blessed because eventually your parents accepted. Here's to wishing everyone around who are struggling that they get the acceptance that they are really struggling for. And Abhishek, bless you and your partner and wishing you all the very best. A lot of love and keep sharing. God bless