Melanie Jefferson
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Bank of America No-Down Payments for Minorities

All considered long time obstacles to narrowing the gap between white and minority ownerships. So, again, this is a test that you're doing, and this program will be tried out in certain areas such as Dallas, Detroit, La. Miami, charlotte, North Carolina. Now, this can expand, but we don't know what to look for as this trial moves forward. But just putting this information out because to you guys, and hopefully it can be helpful to some. Thanks. Bye

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Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 1:01
To me, overall, it sounds like a really positive, solid, good thing. But I'm wondering if there are any blind spots that I have that I'm not recognizing from this and if there's anything you would have to say on that or anyone else for that matter. But other than that, sounds like great news for this world. So thank you of
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