Contains of nine regions of abdomen number one right hypochondrium. It contains liver, gallbladder and large colon. Number two, left hypochondrium spleen number three, epigastrium. It contains stomach pancreas, left lobe of liver. Number four, right lumbar region. Right kidney, large colon. Number five, left lumbar. It contains left kidney and large colon. Number six, umbilicus it contains small intestine. Number seven, right and left iliac. It contains large gobble, and last suprafubic


Aishani Chatterjee
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Hi. This was such an informative spell about human anatomy. And even though I think I had read this back in school, maybe in my 10th standard, or probably my 11th or 12th, I don't exactly remember, but it's always nice to go back to the basics and just remember all of this. I recall all of this. So thank you so much