Karan Dev
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RRR success: Has regional cinema overtaken Bollywood?

Do you now believe that regional cinema is the place where people look most forward to, as it were, for interesting plot lines and stories? And is it truly overtaking Bollywood as we see it today?


Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 1:19
And these kind of films are therefore being made on huge budgets because of the very confidence that there will be an audience right. At the end of the day, I think it boils down to engagement from the audience. And regardless of which industry, I wouldn't want to sound very divisive here. I think good cinema will be celebrated wherever it is coming from. And this is wonderful news
Deepak Mahaan
@MahaanMusings · 4:29
Hello, Karan. A very fine, swell cast which definitely prompted me to offer my own piece of reflection and opinion. The southern regional cinema has always been more organized than the Hindi cinema. They work to tighter schedules, work within economical limits and that's why the return on investment has always been better than what the Hindi films offer. The other thing is that the subjects that they can cater to or take up are largely limited to the language and nuances of the region to which they cater
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Demarkis Klan Destine
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And a lot of the students, they were into the movie. They're into the dancing and stuff like that for singing. I wasn't too much into it, so I just walked out of the room and do something else. But I am kind of interested in checking out some India cinema. Some of it looks it was a trailer, but it looked pretty wild