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Music Is In My Blood

It's. Without music, life would be a mistake. Well, I will say this. Without music, life would look wildly different, for sure. And so, fun fact about me, I come from a very musical family. Everybody in my family either knows how to sing, knows how to play an instrument, and then there are those who can do both. I was one of those who could do both. I used to play two instruments, and now I sing
Moe Johnson
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And listening to music, the words, the melody, the song, especially one that I'm familiar with, I can't afford to listen to it. If I need to concentrate because I would hear it in my head sometime, I'll sing along with it. And I can't afford to do that because when I'm working on something, I need to concentrate. So other than that, when I need to really focus, I won't listen to music. Other than that. Yeah
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Okay, little Milton, if you've heard of him, we've opened for him as well. And that didn't last very long. I was living a very wild life and I found my way back to Florida just to move forward here and eventually found myself back in the ministry because I began in the ministry when I was 15 as a licensed minister and singing, of course
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Welcome to Swell!

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And when you're juggling multiple things, things like this, as much as you want to participate and as much as you know you want to have conversations, especially with people that you enjoy talking to, it does drain you sometimes because there are days when the only thing that you can do is just the things that you have to do, such as your responsibilities. So, listen, I totally get it. So thank you for even taking the time out to respond
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He's like, the studio is mad expensive. We're not just going to go in the studio and just waste time, you know what I mean? And I got that. I just didn't really understand how it really works. But from what I understand, you don't just go in the studio just for the fun. I just want to record something with no ideas. I have nothing. Just my voice, I guess. But I don't know