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How to increase the fuel efficiency of the car

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Maintenance map fuel filters, oil filters continuously change engine oil continuously change 10,000 km then reduce idealling wastage of fuel engine start stock function will automatically get cut off woe feature I don't think subhi cars may hoga but please make sure you are just switching. Off the engine when you are Idling the car right continuously fuel efficiency come hoga use the right fuel station continuously fueling curro right processing time processing type continuously fuel maintain engine has optimized fuel last cruise control cruise control but engine cars control highway

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Aishani Chatterjee
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About important hair karaka fuel efficiency increase karna because San Sabiko katayaki fuel is pretty costly these days and if you can just increase the fuel efficiency, that saves a lot of money. So thank you so much in a detailed rick swelcule on how to increase the fuel efficiency of our car or Meshaka Tukia as well. Tips and tricks share Katre Hinge about cars and your thoughts on anything and everything that you want to share with us, and I'll definitely be looking forward to it
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But never I would say if I'm driving on a highway yes, 1514 if I'm driving on a highway, if I'm drawing long drives choda Pandra, Mugar city Mehat sardisat Art, Kabikabi Cherisha, Burhana bhattah and fuel prizes. Butre or average bod garagi one of my very close friends musta be Virtuously and uska gadika average city under because of jante Bangalore traffic as a but city under uska average Char kaya char kilometer per liter tail in Bangalore is exonorupe per liter
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